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Terms and Conditions

You agree to use  this site and you understand the terms and conditions and its governed and protected by law. You understand that you are using the site to purchase online order transactions to buy from our site. We reserve the right to make or edit the changes and terms and conditions anytime without notice.

Order Acceptance Policy

Payment shall be made by credit card or debt, you will receive an electronic receipt at your email to verify your order. We have the right to except or decline any order without a reason if we feel that we cant process the order. We have the right to limit the quantity on product . Such payment you have made its subject to approval before processing and delivering the orders, once payments are cleared product will be shipped with in 48 hour in business days.


All Pictures shown are for Illustration Purpose only. Actual Product may vary due to product enhancement.

Shipping Territories

We only ship in USA. WE don’t ship to Canada or International. If you order from outside our territories we will have to decline the order.

Typo Errors or forgotten mistakes

We have right to correct prices before or after order if the item was mistakenly prices wrong , Sometimes staff forget to add quantity of product or put the price without adding profit margin by mistake or accidently. If an event of such happened we have the right to fix and adjust to the right price. You will get a notice before of adjustment as you approve we can proceed with order, However fixing the price or error will take place on the site regardless of the customer order or not.

Vendors and Name Brands

Our site does not own the name on products, we are just resellers retail  grocery online, This items are not packaged or made by our site, We buy them from Distributors warehouse to simply sell it and have it available for you to shop through our site.

Product availability

We don’t guarantee that all product are available all the time, If not available it cant be on delivery, and paid price for unavailable item will be refunded to your card unless you choose different items, then the difference in price will be adjusted. You do also understand that some items can be discontinue at sudden from distributor,   If items gets discontinued we will not be able to deliver and we will issue refund to customers.

Shipment and delivery

All shipment will be made within 2-3 business days. You do understand that we work with different shipping companies and we can’t guarantee the shipment on time if there is a delay from the shipping company. Our company can’t be held liable if the delivery received late or delayed. You do understand that we don’t ship on weekends or holidays, we only ship on business weekdays and our shipping time will be after 2 pm.  Shipment by ground it take up 3-7 business days. Express it can be 2-4 business days from shipping day. You do understand that sometimes deliveries can be delayed for other reasons it can be weather, disasters, authority, Customs…Others.

Return Policy

Product returns acceptable if the items received damaged on receiving day . Customer must email us at return@aladdinfoodusa.com within 24 hours from receiving the shipment. On return refund it will be minus the shipment cost. We must receive the return with in 10 business days otherwise return cant be excepted.

Contact us

You can call us at 312-485-3220 or email us and someone will assist you asap. return@aladdinfoodusa.com or info@aladdinfoodusa.com.