Swad Organic Moong Split 32 Oz

//Swad Organic Moong Split 32 Oz

Swad Organic Moong Split 32 Oz


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The mung or moong bean has been part of the Indian diet for thousands of years. Known for its health benefits, Moong Beans are a welcome addition to soups, curries, snacks and sweets.

Enjoy the nutritious advantages of organic Moong Beans in your flavorful recipes. Swad has everything you need. For recipes, visit rajafoods.com/recipes

Organic standards are a time tested lifestyle for Swad. Unrealized as “organic”, the daily routine process has been a means of cultivation, nurturing, growing and harvesting our means of nourishment for centuries. Swad products are grown from the earth in a natural environment, untouched by chemicals or pesticides. We have sustained a mantra of clean products, clean body, less waste, and a graceful give and take of the bounty surrounding you. A practical, healthy way of life…from the carefully maintained soul, to the responsible harvesting and means of preparation, to the act of serving the product – on banana leaves, a simple, completely disposable and ecologically feasible “plate”. Today, Swad brings to the consumer these organic products with quality throughout. Packed fresh in wrappings adorned with a banana leaf pattern reminiscent of traditional Indian ornamentation, all varieties are presented as beautifully as they are pure. No waste, just taste, for centuries. Swad, high quality, organic standards. It just a way of life.

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